Pišlické příběhy

This audio-book comprises children’s tales (in Czech) by Filip Rychlebský, narrated by eminent Czech actor Ivan Trojan, and songs by composer and jazz pianist Beata Hlavenková. The Pishliks are wooden figurines that belong to Jáchym, an ordinary boy who got them for his birthday. The Pishliks lead incredibly adventurous lives, mostly when they are left home alone. The two scores of songs by Beata Hlavenková are interpreted, apart from the composer herself, by some of the foremost Czech vocalists and musicians: Lenka Dusilová, Milan Cais, and Petr Ostrouchov. The double CD is ideal for children under ten and their parents. The project was premiered in concert at the Divadlo Minor theatre as part of the Struny dětem festival.



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Pišlik´s stories (Pišlické příběhy) were performed at music festival Struny dětem

Pišlik´s stories (Pišlické příběhy) were performed at music festival Struny dětem

Again, children and their parents could join concert of Pišlické příběhy – Beata Hlavenková´s music project based on Filip Rychlebský book at Struny dětem music festival in Minor, Prague.

Ivan Trojan – reading, Beata Hlavenková – keys, vocal; Petr Ostrouchov – banjo, vocal, Milan Cais – percussions, vocal; Lenka Dusilová – ukulele, vocal; Tomáš Liška – upright bass; Jiří Slavíček – drums; Hedvika Mousa Bacha – harp; Zdeňka Morávková – animation

Pišlické příběhy na Strunách dětem

Pišlické příběhy na Strunách dětem

Report from performance Pišlické příběhy, performed in Minor Theater, Prague in October 2016. Speaking Ivan Trojan, Filip Rychlebský, Beata Hlavenková


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