Pianist, producer and composer Beata Hlavenková introduces the first video from the album Scintilla, for the track Companion, directed by Mikkel Odehnalu.

“After my stay in Třeboň for the Anifilm festival, I met Lukáš Gregor, the head of the Studio of Animation in Zlin, and handed him Scintilla. My album appealed to Kateřina Čupová and Mikkel Odehnalu, who then chose several songs as the basis for creating their works. I didn’t have the urge to interfere with their creative process in any way — I wondered how would they approach my music. And I was thrilled with the results, the Zlín animators were undoubtedly a great choice,” says Beata Hlavenková regarding the creation of the clip.

A number of excellent domestic and foreign guests appeared on Scintilla, issued at the end of the year 2015 by the Animal Music label. For example, the singer and guitarist Justin Lavash, cellist Jiri Barta, the Canadian trumpet player Ingrid Jensen, the American composer and clarinetist Evan Ziporyn and a trio of Norwegian musicians. Furthermore, the multi-instrumentalist Kemeth Ekornes, the pianist and composer Anders Aare and the singer Julie Dahle Aagard also contributed, the last of whom sang the song Companion. “Julie is an acclaimed jazz singer who added the required sensitivity and wonderful lyrics to the song,” adds Hlavenková. The producers of the album were Petr Ostrouchov and Patrick Karpentski. The recording was nominated for the Anděl Music Award 2015.

The Scintilla Tour concert program, funded by the EEA and the Norwegian Fund 2009-2014, is a dialogue between two pianists — Hlavenková and Aaruma. For the time being, it features mainly in Norway: however, Czech audiences will not be deprived. In April 2017, Scintilla will be presented at three tour stops in the Czech Republic — in Prague at the church of St. Lawrence, at the Jazzinec festival in Trutnov and during the Brno Jazzfest.

Beata Hlavenková also performs with the program Theodoros, participates in Baromantika, accompanies a live dance performance “Flow” by the VerTeDance and, next year, will be launching a new Czech-Slovak project “OOO” (Hlavenková / Marian Slávka / Lukáš Duchovič), with lyrics mostly by Martin Vedeje.