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Beata Hlavenková pianist

BEATA HLAVENKOVÁ (1978) a Czech pianist, composer, arranger and producer, is widely recognized as one of the most sought-after and genre free musicians. 

Nominated for a  Czech “Grammy  Award” for her first album Joy for Joel(2009), she won the award twice for her collaborative projects with Lenka Dusilova Eternal Seekers (2008) and Baromantika (2011), winning The  and Blues Album of 2013 for her second independent project, Theodoros (Animal Music, 2013), which also received top honours in the Concept Album category at the 14th annual Independent Music Awards (IMAs).

Beata Hlavenková pianist

Can you tell us a little about your latest album Theodoros?


Theodoros is a solo piano project, in which I worked with piano layers while recording. ‘Theodoros’ means God’s gift and, with this in mind, I wrote 12 compositions, each track referring to one of the 12 months of a year – the life which we live here is one of its meanings.

How does your latest album differ from your first album Joy for Joel?


As I have mentioned, Theodoros is solely a piano project, while Joy for Joel was recorded with some great New York-based musicians such as Ingrid JensenRich Perry, and others, and was written in a modern jazz style. Theodoros, for me, is more of a crossover piece of work influenced by artificial music, with only certain elements of jazz. Also, improvisation does not take such an important role at all – it is mostly through composed work.


You have worked with many different artists what is it about the collaborative process that appeals most?


I definitely get influenced by artists I work with, as we share joy for music and emotions. It enriches me, I guess, in the same way as a good relationship.

Have you had any major influences?


I listen to such a broad spectrum of music, so it is hard to name a few…. Well – Joni MitchellArvo Part, Maria SchneiderBon IverSufjan StevensClaude Debussy etc..

You will be performing in London soon, have you played the city before?


Yes, I did perform in London last year with another great artist, Lenka Dusilová and Baromantika, where I contributed with my songs and music production as well.

Beata Hlavenková Musician

In Prague there seems to be a lot of inexpensive and accessible places to catch live music of all types – can you recommended a good venue?


I really like Jazz Dock – I had 3 beautiful CD-release concerts of Joy for Joel there in 2009 with Ingrid Jensen and others. And a beautiful venue of the Prague Spring Festival: from the 12th century, u Sv. Vařince (the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence), where I premiered Theodoros in 2014.

Beata Hlavenková will be playing a double concert with Robert Mitchell on 23 January 2016 at the The Crypt Jazz Club, St. Giles Church, Camberwell, London SE5 8JB. Tickets: £8.00 (+ £0.80 booking fee)