Beata Hlavenková: I want to sing something that I believe in and that resonates with me

September 7, 2020

Interview with Kateřina Huberová

Audio available on Czech radio website

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Beata Hlavenková is a composer, pianist and newly discovered singer. She received Czech Music Award Anděl for her album Sně, and a few days ago she also received the Jantar Award.

Native of Vendryně moves between jazz, classical music, folk songs, pop, and she can wrap it all up in her own unnameable genre. She is also the author of music for the film Dukla 61.

“It’s the first time I’ve sung the whole record … Why not before?

Well, I think a person at a certain age tries to unblock some things from childhood, from adolescence, and I’ve always felt that the voice isn’t quite my powerful tool. Then I became interested in songwriters and so I realized that a lot of things are just about the lyrics. That one can sing some super pop or opera or one can tell a story. And it dawned on me that this was my way. That I want to sing something that I believe in and that resonates with me, “she says.

“I haven’t run out of music yet. So far, I have no idea that I would retire, for example. I tell myself that it would be my end if the music ran out. It is an absolute fascination for me to be creative – we know that, yes, we are talking about society, as this creativity is a problem in various totalitarian and demagogic institutions. It’s like they took away your freedom when you can’t think of anything,” Beata Hlavenková says in an interview.