The first beautiful full-length album „Joy For Joel“ was dedicated to her first born son Mathias Joel and featured many talented guests. this second album followed her second son Theodor Eli that she conceived with her beloved husband, the Czech guitarist, composer and producer Patrik Hlavenka (Patrick Karpentski), but this time gifted pianist and composer Beata Hlavenkova decided to play on her own and the final result is really amazing and meaningful. this welcomed new arrival inspired Beata to celebrate every single instant of life and I’m pretty sure tat she could have made a composition for every single second, but she limited to a track for each month of the year. According to Beata’s own words, „the Greek name Theodoros means „God’s gist“, like Mathias in Hebrew. When I starte to compose I realised that God’s gift is life to me. It is formed of years, months, days. it was thus absolutely natural that compositions will be named after the calendar months. Musical circumstances resulting in this album were however different. They are based on the fascination from a song and its simplicity. the opposite pole to the first musical world. Theodoros draws from both and absorbs these paths through my musical perception“. The astonishing dynamics of her style, which combines minimalism, French impressionism and modern jazz technique (particularly for some voicing techniques), the neatness of her phrasing, the remarkably spontaneity of her way of flying over piano keys, the ability of linking melodies together by means of both left and right hand, which seems to alternate in sustaining melody, and above all the spellbinding balance of her music will let you hope she could carry on a new pregnancy as soon as possible! Strongly suggested listening!