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The Latin word scintilla means the spark that lies at the heart of a person. “When that inner genius shows itself – through personality, way of life, values, and expression – mediocrity disappears. It is the cloud that prevents the spark from being seen. Mediocrity is the attitude of “do only what is necessary and sufficient,” the feeling of not having an essence worth showing – a person alive to life makes every effort to let that light shine, whether it is within their immediate family or in the greater world. The arc of the scintillation depends on fate and destiny, but the spark is important to everyone. It makes life worth living.” (Thomas Moore – The Dark Night of the Soul)
Her last solo piano project “Theodoros” indicated that Beata Hlavenková’s music will be following a bit of a different path than her former musical projects. She discovers a new musical environment based on her fascination of songs, artificial music, minimalism and essentially everything which she has been surrounded by and inspired by in her life in general. Her compositional cycle Theodoros of twelve pieces as twelve months deals with life and music as God’s gift. Some of the compositions include several piano layers, all written and recorded by composer herself. The potential and desire to perform this musical suite with another pianist is fulfilled in this cooperation with Anders Aarum. Both musicians are surrounded by music of different genres, their musical language and expression have similarities, they are the same generation which could and will take Theodoros to a different level. This work of art which is through-composed in almost all details is enriched by two musicians from different backgrounds (in terms of ethnic folk music traditions and music scene in general, musical education and last but not least their own previous musical collaborations). Scintilla seems to be a logical continuation of Hlavenková’s musical progress in which her longstanding work with top Czech singer/guitarist/songwriter Lenka Dusilová takes an important role both as a producer and composer in another genre. Among other current interests lies, beside keyboard instruments, a fascination with post-production work with effects, vocals, voice – performance and an overall openness to 21st century music. Anders Aarum as a composer and producer of dozens of various projects and recordings is a great musical partner in this new project. The program behind the music and the title of the project does not have an unimportant influence on creative process of writing music. It is a significant factor in her composing and thinking. Outer influences are essential but they simply cannot substitute the inner urge or desire and need create a spark which is kindled by life and musical circumstances in the composer’s journey..

SCINTILLA I- IX – Suite for grand piano, rhodes piano, keyboards, effects and vocal
performed by Beata Hlavenková and Anders Aarum

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