Vojta Nýdl – Dítě z větru

CD collaboration

Animal Music, 2021

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Child of the Wind (Dítě z větru) is the first solo album by Vojta Nýdl, clarinetist, singer, composer and lyricist, best known as a founding member of Clarinet Factory. Vojta Nýdl created the album in collaboration with the producer, pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková with whom he previously met in the Eternal Seekers band, on the occasion of the recording of the eponymous album, together with other members of Clarinet Factory and Lenka Dusilová who received the Czech Music Academy Award for it. The present album is inspired by a personal story of a premature and very dramatic birth of Vojta’s second child. Child of the Wind comprises songs authored by Vojta Nýdl, some of them written in collaboration with Beata Hlavenková, Tamara Borovková and Jana Ivanovič Infeldová, and one song is based on a poem by Bohuslav Reynek. The guests on this album are pianist Eva Hutyrová, drummer Daniel Šoltis, double bassist Rastislav Uhrík, and members of Clarinet Factory and Epoque Quartet.

  1. Smířená (Vojta Nýdl / Vojta Nýdl)
  2. Dítě z větru (Beata Hlavenková, Vojta Nýdl / Vojta Nýdl)
  3. Nevyhnutelný (Vojta Nýdl, Beata Hlavenková / Jana Ivanovič Infeldová)
  4. Opuštění (Vojta Nýdl / Bohuslav Reynek)
  5. Jantarový stín (Vojta Nýdl / Vojta Nýdl)
  6. Mandala v písku (Vojta Nýdl / Vojta Nýdl)
  7. Jin a jang (Vojta Nýdl / Vojta Nýdl)
  8. Hvězdný prach (Vojta Nýdl / Vojta Nýdl)
  9. Volání (Vojta Nýdl / Jana Ivanovič Infeldová)
  10. Jiné ticho (Beata Hlavenková / Tamara Borovková, Beata Hlavenková, Vojta Nýdl)
  11. Větve stejných stromů (Vojta Nýdl / Tamara Borovková, Vojta Nýdl)

Personnel and sound
Vojta Nýdl – voice, clarinet, bass clarinet
Beata Hlavenková – piano, synth, sound design, voice
Rastislav Uhrík – double bass, bass guitar
Daniel Šoltis – drums
Eva Hutyrová – piano
Epoque Quartet
Clarinet Factory

Recorded by Adam Karlík, Milan Cimfe (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ), Beata Hlavenková (Czechmate Studio/CZ)
Mixed by Milan Cimfe (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)
Mastered by Pavel Karlík, Adam Karlík (Sono Records, Nouzov/CZ)

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