Ó, ó, ó vajíčko

CD collaboration

2019, 65. pole - Políčko

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Ilustration Milan Starý
Music Beata Hlavenková and Patrik Hlavenka
Narrate and sing Martha Issová and children

A verse story from the insect kingdom Oh, oh, oh, egg! is a story of great love and determination. Catterpillar Pepík follows his love and nothing stops him. The individual characters were inspired by real beetles, bees, larvae and especially butterflies, because their lives are often very dramatic and full of surprising facts.

The richly illustrated large-format book includes a CD with songs and a dramatized text. Martha Issová narrates and sings the adventure story with the children. The album contains music by Beata Hlavenkova and Patrik Hlavenka. Read, browse, listen, sing!

CD: 13 songs, 35 minut

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