Loutky v nemocnici – Dárek a jiné pohádky

CD collaboration

2019, Indies Scope

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  1. Boudo budko 09:05
  2.  O neposlušných kůzlátkách 09:50
  3. Pučálkovic Amina_01 09:32
  4. Pučálkovic Amina_02 08:00
  5. Dárek_01 07:43
  6. Dárek_02 07:41
  7. Mauglí_01 10:45
  8. Mauglí_02 10:28

Music by Beata Hlavenková

The CDs will be distributed in hospitals during the visits by members of the Loutky v nemocnice (Puppet in the Hospital) association. In hospitals, they have been performing for 14 years their music and stories, especially those performed by Marionettes, will delight patients and can also help with healing. This CD is already the fifth audio project the non-profit organization has prepared.

Recorded in Studio BEEP.


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