Piano is the principal instrument, it’s just ideal for the fast melodic runs composed of short curt tones. Above it sound the strings or the ethereal trumpet of Oskar Török, who appears on the record as a guest, and add further emotional layers: relaxation here, and there in contrast suspense during the victorious races, and they complete the atmosphere. There are places where the result also reminds us of Glass’ minimalism.


(Zátopek Soundtrack), Jiří V. Matýsek, Full Moon Magazine

“Žijutě” is in many aspects a much more open genre record than we have been used to with Beata Hlavenková so far. She works more with sound design and most of the original lyrics have come to the fore. The result is a beautiful, intimate look at the world around us, in both joy and melancholy.


(Žijutě), Dan Hájek, Musicserver.cz

Pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková made a musical parable about how to exceed the average. Her Scintilla album shines forth on the whole European scene.


(Scintilla), Tomáš S. Polívka, Kulturní magazín Uni

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